Foods You’re Not Eating—But Should

7 Foods You’re Not Eating—But Should

by Meghan Rabbitt

Let’s face it: Most of us race through the grocery store, checking foods off our go-to lists to make our go-to meals. Even when we have more time — say, we’re strolling around the farmer’s market — it’s not likely we’ll pick up a fruit or veggie we’ve never eaten or cooked before.

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guide to eating vegan

The Nutritionists’ Guide to Going Vegan

by Meghan Rabbitt

Thinking about giving up all animal products? Read this advice first to avoid pitfalls.

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LARABAR, Lara Merriken

Lara Merriken

by Andrea Juarez | photos by Mark Woolcott

Colorado’s LÄRABAR Founder Talks Food, Health and Entrepreneurship

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Jennifer Jasinski, Colorado chef and James Beard Award winner

Shop Like a Chef

by Meghan Rabbit

Jennifer Jasinski, Colorado chef and James Beard Award winner, gives Colorado Health & Wellness readers an insider’s view on what she keeps stocked in her home kitchen and where she goes to buy these go-to foods when she’s cooking for her family.

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Colorado Farmers Markets

Eating Local

by Sarah Protzman Howlett

Good for you and Colorado farmers

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PlainSmart Denver Weight Loss

Testing your DNA can lead to better health

by Kris Scott

At just under 5 feet tall, Lisa Capano has always been, as she describes it, chunky. She’s tried numerous diet programs and stayed active. “I’ve done my part to lose weight,” says the high-energy, 52-year-old Westminster resident, “but it was just not coming off.”

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functional foods

Improve your Food IQ and Health with 10 Functional Foods

by Andrea Juarez

If your functional food IQ is lacking, in this article four Colorado nutrition experts help explain what functional foods are, why you should eat more of them and their top picks to help optimize nutrition and reap greater health benefits.

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grain free dieting

Going against the grain

by Andrea Juarez

Experts offer pros and cons of grain-free dieting

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Oils and fats for cooking

Oil primer

by Andrea Juarez

From fat type to smoke point, experts talk cooking oil

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Ask A Doctor

by Dr. Erica Liesmaki

Dear Dr. Liesmaki; How much calcium do I need?

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