Beauty by Buford

Gregory Buford, MD, FACS

Beauty by Buford

As a physician, I was trained to treat specific symptoms with specific drugs and to use these drugs to effect a cure. But over the years, I realized that many of these symptoms were manifestations of a much deeper imbalance of our health and that by treating one symptom, I was effectively masking a cough when in reality I should be curing a cold. After years of medical training and over a decade of clinical practice, I began to challenge what I was taught and began seeing medicine in a new light. My impression was that our current vision of the human body was missing the big picture and that as physicians we were actually guiding our patients in the wrong direction.

Although disease can arise seemingly from nowhere, I noticed that much of what we were treating with products and procedures could actually be addressed through simple changes in what we eat and how we live. In essence, much of what we were treating as physicians could potentially be prevented in the first place not only sparing our patients from disease but also improving their quality of life along the way. And it is this change in mindset that set me down the path towards anti-aging medicine.
Dr. Gregory Buford

  • Education:

    MD: Georgetown Univ, 1994
    Resid: Univ of California, San Diego
    Fellow: Baker, Stuzini, Baker Cosmetic Surgery, Miami

  • Board Certified:

    American Board of Plastic Surgery