Baby blues

Age-proof your eyes

by Jan Sheehan

The eyes are the windows to the world. But as you age, your eyes change. Some of these changes can threaten your vision. Sight-stealing eye problems affect one in six adults over age 45, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AOA). The AOA estimates the number of people suffering from...

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Salmon Fillet

Boost Your Brain: Five tools for staying sharp into your Golden Years

by Lisa Marshall

“Have you seen my keys?” “Why did I come in here?” “Her name is on the tip of my tongue, but…” If you often find yourself uttering such phrases, you’re not alone. In fact, as early as our 30s and 40s, our mental sharpness begins to slip, the result of a constellation of neurological...

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Healthy lunches for kids

Brown bagging it

by Lisa Marshall

Recent headlines about “pink slime,” “mystery meat,” and salt and fat-laden offerings on school cafeteria trays have prompted many concerned parents to take matters into their own hands and pack Junior’s lunch themselves. But are sack lunches any healthier than what the school has to offer?

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